Happy b’day!!!

Reader-deul, sudah tahukah kalau hari ini, 22 Februari, our lovely author Aryadhanie ulang tahun???

It’s time to celebration n congratulate her!!

Saengil chukahamnida!!
Happy birthday!!
Tanjyoubi omedetto!!
Wish u all the best and God bless for U.. 🙂
Dan bahagianya dia yang merayakan moment spesial yang jatuhnya hanya sekali dalam setahun ini di kota Seoul…Envy!! 😀
Once again, Happy birthday author-nim!!


[Trans] 130218 TVXQ Official Website Update – Message from Max

fashion follows yoochun

Hi everyone, I am Max Changmin.

Thanks for the birthday wishes ^^ There were so many people were happy for my birthday and I am grateful for the wishes. keke.

I will present a better self this year. Please do support ^_^

Thank you!

source: TVXQ Official Website
credit: paboya
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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130218 Kyuhyun’s Twitter Updates: 2/3 Happy Gyu’s Day

Super Junior Area

@GaemGyu: 이건 2/3 happy Gyu’s day 심촹과 스키장!!!! 보드를 처음타본다는 심촹은 파이팅만큼은 국가대표의 그것과 같았지만 현실은 눈에 파묻히는 것이었다ㅋㅋ pic.twitter.com/WQxnQHFX

[TRANS] @GaemGyuThis is 2/3 Happy Gyu’s day at the ski resort together with Shim Chwang!!!! Shim Chwang who was snowboarding for the very first time had fighting spirit like that of a national representative’s, but in reality it was more of getting buried in the snowㅋㅋ

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130218 Kyuhyun Twitter Update: Changmin Birthday

Changmin Birthday. That Suju , MinDalf, SM Athlete, Beatburger, Collin, SaeGwang-gie ^^ Dark but happy day kk pic.twitter.com/gGfvn5GB

 photo BDZ6MNzCcAEU-p8_zps8461e58a.jpg

Source: ChoKyuHyun ‏@GaemGyu
Translation by: ¤NKsubs¤ ‏@NKSubs
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by jazzzyjam

(That SuJu or “Suju Dog” nickname comes from a radio star episode ㅋㅋㅋㅋ .. it’s referring to Kyuhyun ㅋㅋ)

Source: ¤NKsubs¤ ‏@NKSubs

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130209 Hangeng Weibo Update: Thanks to everyone’s birthday wishes.

Happy birthday Gege..

Hello 29 years old! Thanks to everyone’s birthday wishes. It’s lunar New Years eve, an important day for us Chinese people, wish everyone a happy new year! Accomplish the things you want to do! Thailand friends are too warm, thank you! Thai version of《寒更》(Geng’s album) I don’t have it yet!

 photo 130209-hangeng_zps4909c577.jpg

Source: Hangeng’s Weibo
Translated by: @ELF_thoughts
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[TRANS] 130206 U-Know Yunho Spends His Birthday Filming For ‘Queen Of Ambition’… His Fans Make Donations

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho (Jung Yunho) will be celebrating his birthday on the set of SBS’ Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Queen of Ambition’.

U-Know Yunho was born on the 6th of February, 1986 and will be celebrating his 27th birthday today. According to SM Entertainment, he will be spending the day filming for ‘Queen of Ambition’, and will be having a simple dinner with the staff after completing his filming schedule in the late afternoon.

As U-Know Yunho’s passion for ‘Queen of Ambition’ is tremendous, he will find spending his birthday on set very meaningful. A representative of the drama stated that he is currently making a name for himself as an actor through his role in ‘Queen of Ambition’ and he is always very focused on his work.

Meanwhile, U-Know Yunho’s fans are making donations to celebrate the star’s birthday. Fans from thirteen countries (Korea, USA, China, Japan, Taiwan, Russia, Peru, Spain…

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130204 U-Know Yunho’s Japanese Fanclub Donates 20.6 Million Won To The Fruits Of Love Foundation

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Hallyu star U-Know Yunho’s Japanese fans recently made a donation to Gwangju’s Fruits of Love foundation to help those in need.

According to Gwangju’s Fruits of Love foundation, U-Know Yunho’s Japanese fanclub ‘Jung Yunho FanBlog Ring One’ donated 20.6 million Won to the foundation to commemorate U-Know Yunho’s birthday on the 6th of February.

His Japanese fans stated, “We knew that U-Know Yunho has been donating scholarships to his high school for the past eight years, and we thought that it would be more meaningful to make a donation than to give him expensive gifts,” and “We would like to keep helping U-Know Yunho’s hometown Gwangju this year.”

Of the 20.6 million Won that was donated, 2.91 million Won will be used to buy rice for the families of low-income students in Imgok Middle School, and 17.69 million Won will be donated as scholarships for Imgok Middle School and U-Know…

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