[130602] SS5 INA Day 2 – Part 3

Sorry for the very late post guys.. Here the last pictures of SS5 INA Day 2..


Choi Siwon was gorgeous eventhough he just wear a simple shirt.

Siwon : *Seriously thinking* Ah, my baby mad at me. I’ll kill Hae because he wasn’t accompany Kyu while I wasn’t around.

SS5 INA Day 2

SS5 INA Day 2



Siwon : Go away! *punch Hae*

Donghae : Forgive meee… *Stay away from WonKyu sadly*

Zhoumi : Poor you Hae..

SS5 INA Day 2

SS5 INA Day 2



Donghae : Okay, I’m sorry. I’ll look after Kyuhyun better next time

Siwon : You keep promise me like that all the time. C’mon Kyu, leave him alone.

Kyuhyun : No way. Hands off *hold Zhoumi’s shirt tightly*

Zhoumi : *Try hard not to laugh*

SS5 INA Day 2

SS5 INA Day 2



Siwon : Come on baby, don’t be mad anymmore. Are you still mad at me?

Kyuhyun : Hmmm..

Zhoumi : *Whispering*Don’t trust him

SS5 INA Day 2

SS5 INA Day 2



Siwon : My love for you as big as the entire world baby *saranghae pose*

Kyuhyun : Really? *blush*

Zhoumi : Stop being like an idiot, Simba!

Henry : Ieewwhhh..!

SS5 INA Day 2

SS5 INA Day 2



Siwon : So, can I hug you now, baby? And a kiss maybe? Pleaseee..

Kangin : Ok, enough! Stop him!

Ryeowook : Not in front of everyone, hyung!

Donghae : (What should I do? If I forbid him, he would be upset)

Kyuhyun : Please being normal hyung *acting nervous*

Zhoumi : You forgave him too fast. See? He became crazy!

Henry : *pretending look at Eunhyuk seriously*

Eunhyuk : So ELF, we love you so much (Stop doing that Siwon!)

SS5 INA Day 2

SS5 INA Day 2



Donghae : Mimi ge, are they ok now?

Zhoumi : I think so. *Checkin’ on Siwon* Why are you look at me like that?

Siwon : Aniyo, I just.. *Speechless*

Kyuhyun : Yes.. Yes..

SS5 INA Day 2

SS5 INA Day 2



Donghae : *Eavesdropping*

Siwon : I’ll give you anything to see you smile like that, baby. Tell me what you want.

Kyuhyun : Hehehe *while thinking about something he would ask Siwon to do*

Zhoumi : They’re back! *being indifferent*

SS5 INA Day 2

SS5 INA Day 2



Donghae : *Still try to listen everything carefully*

Zhoumi : *Doesn’t care anymore*

Siwon : *Seriously hear what Kyuhyun say*

Kyuhyun : *Whispering*

SS5 INA Day 2

SS5 INA Day 2



Donghae & Zhoumi : *Try hard to guessing what Kyuhyun said to Siwon*

Siwon : Are you sure baby?

Kyuhyun : Yes. That’s all I want to have from you ❤

SS5 INA Day 2

SS5 INA Day 2



Siwon : I will! Tonight?

Kyuhyun : Mwo? Seriously?

Zhoumi : Oh no! Poor the people who stay next to these crazy couple’s room

Donghae : Andwae! Both of them have other exhausting activity tomorrow. They shouldn’t do that tonight!

SS5 INA Day 2

SS5 INA Day 2



Hi INA ELF, pray for me tonight. Kyuhyun asked me to be his horse while he act like a knight. I can do it, anything for him. The only thing I can’t do tonight is seduce him or he’s gonna pending our -you know what- time next week. *Poor Siwon*

SS5 INA Day 2

SS5 INA Day 2



Kyuhyun : Bye everyone.. I’m gonna having such a good time tonight! Yeah!

Siwon : Bye girls.. *sluggish*

SS5 INA Day 2

SS5 INA Day 2



Bow with the dancers

SS5 INA Day 2

SS5 INA Day 2



Bow as a thank you and farewell toINA ELF

SS5 INA Day 2

SS5 INA Day 2



My favorite picture of all.. Kyuhyun sing in the center of the stage while thousand confetti flying around him. He’s just adorable..

SS5 INA Day 2

SS5 INA Day 2



Actually I have lots of SS5 INA pictures but I can’t share all of it. I just pick some of them which I thought interesting or funny. Once again, sorry for the late post.




[130602] SS5 INA Day 2 – Part 2

Hello readers,

Sorry for the late posts. Here the picts I promised you. Enjoy..

Our boys performance

SS5 INA Day 2

Love to touch his baby XD


I hope Kyu’s hand was pointing on me 😀


Another ‘touch’ haha..


Listen to Kyu..


Smiling each other


Hae : He’s talking to Mimi

Siwon : *sigh of jealousy*

Kyu : Is he get it?

Zhoumi : Yes, I think he’s pretending to be fine 😀


Hae : No Kyu.. No..

Siwon : Damn! Stop showing off your skin to Mimi!

Kyu : I love this costume, Ge, make me look fab 🙂

Zhoumi : Wow, look at your skin, Kyu. It’s shinning XD


Siwon : Baby, are you ok?

Kyu : I’m ok as long as you stop being jealous to the others 😦


Siwon : I’m sorry.. I just love you so much. Come here, I’ll fix your vest

Kyu : *blush*


They’re fine now 😀


Kyu starts to playing around


And now he’s starting to mock his crush :p


And then laughing together ❤


Siwon : I love you WonKyu Shiper!

Kyu : idem 🙂


Part 3 will be uploaded soon.. So don’t miss it 🙂

[130602] SS5 INA Pictures Day 2 – Part 1

Hello readers,

Sorry for the very late post. I decided to post those pictures after I arrived safely on my home but some works didn’t allowed me to do that. So, here the picts I’ve promised you before. Enjoy..

Stage before show :




The Performance 1


The Performance 2


The Performance 3


Touching Donghae 😀


Bullying Kyuhyun XD


Our Beloved Magnae ❤


Kyuhyun walking toward Siwon


The boys tried to see the audiences at the back rows


Jump to see the audiences at the back rows


SiHae moment 🙂


Siwon : Kyu, look at me please? 😀


Sungmin shows his sexy butt :p


King Siwon and Queen Kyuhyun.. WonKyu Moment.. They’re just adorable XD


The next part will be uploaded on the next day, so I hope you can be patient as before. I’m so sorry about the video, but I’ll upload it to Youtube first then share it to you after that, considering the number of videos that I recorded at the concert.

Have a nice day everyone.. 🙂

Sligo is.. Awesome..!!!

I’ve spent my 5 precious days in this romantic place. It surrounded by hills, mountains, lakes, sea, forest and meadow, makes it look very beautiful in any season, especially in the spring. When the first time Igot there, I fell in love instantly. Everything has their own special attraction.

I stayed at the Glasshouse hotel on the first day, then the next day until the last day I stayed in one of the villas near the Roses Point area. The front-view of our villa is the sea while behind us are meadow, trees and forests. Eventhough I came in spring time, but the temperatures there range from 10-11 degrees. So, I can say it still freezin’ even in the afternoon. The special thing I love about our villa is the  fireplace and firewoods. Oh, this is awesome! That what’s we called holiday in a village with an Irish style!

The morning sun in front of our villa on April 19th 2013 :

IMG_ 3820.jpg











Another view of sunrise in front of the villa












Guys.. This is our villa’s backyard, what do you think?










And if we keep walking go through the meadows, we’ll find this :









We do not have to drive too far because we will find a lot of interesting places around the town, such as :

Mcdermotts Bar & Restaurant











The Sligo Warehouse











Sligo Elementary School








The Roses Point



















Glencar Waterfall














Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery












Irish Pub











And many more.. Here, another picture from random view of Sligo :

First sunset near the Glasshouse

















The meadow with the sheeps











The forest at The Glen











The very last sunset I’ve seen in Sligo (Don’t know when I’ll be back there)












Ah.. I wanna share more but I think these are enough since the rest are secrets. But because of this memorable vacation, I got so many ideas for the new story and I’ll share it for you of course. So, be ready for the next romantic storyI’ll post followed by the sequel of B365D..

Happy Birthday, Honey..!

We are all a little weird.
And life is a little weird.
And when we find someone else whose weirdness is compatible with ours,
we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness-
and call it love – true love.

(Dr. Seuss)

The journey of your life makes you more mature day by day, help you to survive, makes you learn more to face and solve any problems overcome.

All you’ve done, everything you’ve accomplished, and everything that you have  to chase are have been managed well because of your hard work and the prayer.

As the one who love you in this big world, the only thing I can say is you are the ordinary man who can improve my life, makes my life feel perfect in this imperfect life.

I always proud of you. Thank you for the affections, love and sincerity that you gave me during the past ten years. Thank you for waiting for me so long without any certainty what direction we are next. But we never cared. As long as we stick together, I’m sure we can deal with it.

Today is a beautiful blessed gift for you, where the joy and happiness  come together to cheer you up. Nothing I would say better than ‘Happy birthday my love, all the best wishes for you’.

An Irish birthday blessing :

May you live a long life
Full a gladness and health
With a pocket full of gold
At the least of your wealth
Be those which come true
May the kindness you spread,
keep returning to you.
Happy 28th birthday..

Chagi's 28th Irish Birthday Cake

I love this special Irish birthday cake

PS : Thank you for the best vacation ever! (This is your birthday, right? Why you gave me these gifts then I should do instead?)

Thanks to the team who help me preared the midnight surprise. Irish team, you rock..!!! I Love Sligo..!!!

Tired but happy..


I’m just away for more than 24 hours and I’ve missed you all so much. Too much slept in the plane made me don’t wanna sleep for a whole day XD. I left Jakarta on 7.50 am and got stuck in the Business Class of my plane for 20 hours then. On 2 o’clock in the morning I arrived at Charles De Gaulle International airport and we’ve waited there for two hours because the airplane was transit there. We continued the flight on 4 am to Dublin and arrived there on two hours later.

It was not stop there. We ‘ve to arranged everything at the immigration office for an hour then we’re allowed to leaving for Sligo. And you know what, it took 2,5 hours to got there. And now.. After 27 hours of exhausting journey, I’m here..!! Hello Sligo..!! (I arrived on 3 am actually so everything was still dark). I’m staying in the Glasshouse hotel until midnight os Sunday to heading back to Bali. The Glasshouse is so amazing! Our room is overlooking directly to the river! The walls made by glasses so you can look out perfectly when you open aside the curtains. And it’s located at the heart of the city so it’s gonna be easy for us to going out anywhere by walk, just in case we wanna go for sightseeing or enjoy this romantic town. I’m mesmerizing!!

And now, I’m in Streedagh Strand beach, the sandy beach with dunes and a lagoon behind. It takes 7 miles from our places but it doesn’t matter if I found myself faced with a beautiful sunrise like this..! This is the very first sunrise I’ve seen in Sligo and it just amazing!

Here, I upload some pictures of the sunrise in Streedagh  Strand beach form one view in one spot to another one (we keep moving on these spots of beach to get the great view of the sunrise).



1st view


2nd view


3rd view

Happy tuesday all.. Enjoy your day.. Love from Sligo, Ireland 🙂

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