[INFO] 141219 Tohoshinki Japanese Album “WITH” Topping Oricon, TSUTAYA and Tower Records Charts for 141218~

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Daily CD album ranking for 141218: No.1 Tohoshinki – WITH with 10,907 copies! Total 194,431 copies~


Daily CD sales ranking for 141218: No.1

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[News/Trans] 140830 TRF-Sam Talked about Tohoshinki, Who They are and How They are Behind Stages (Model Press Interview)

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[TRANS] Model Press Interview

TRF-Sam, the producer of Tohoshinki’s live stages, talked about Tohoshinki, who they are and how they are behind stages


Sam has actively working as a member of TRF, a dancer and a producer/director of live stages for many artists. He is preparing for a outdoor live, [a-nation] as a member of TRF that will be held on Aug 31st. In this interview, Sam talked about Tohoshinki in particular focusing on how they are/who they are behind stages – Sam has worked with them as their producer/director for their current activities and live stages.

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