About Aryadhanie

This page hurts me. Seriously. My small, circle of influence all say I’m the worst at writing about myself. That no longer suffices. I’m going to be as interesting as I possibly can, and leave out all the traditional, boring stuff (sibling count, names of sisters and brothers).

  • I’m a second child in family. Has 2 sisters and 2 brothers. But the wonderful thing is we’re very close each other. Even though we live in separate city but still in the same country, but our relationship is stronger than we thought. Especially my brothers always message me (even if sometimes gone annoyed) and asked for everything. (He’s such a really great brother). I have so many cousins (My parents both comes from really big family) and I love them all. Moreover some of them just like my own sisters.
  • I’m a picky in eating food. I love fruits except Durian, hate it! I love chocolate and coffee but never addict to them.
  • I’m 177 in height and 60 in weight, a fact that has engendered a LOT of  teasing throughout my life. I’m too tall for the size of Indonesian and I still remember what my mom said when I was 14 : “If you’re too tall, no one gonna ask you out“. But as the time goes, I can prove that’s totally wrong. So many tall guy outside my own world and I’m thankful to God because of this.
  • I love animal, especially cats and dogs. I adore them. Their fur, demeanor, pose, outlook and figure are amazing. I love everything about them no matter what their smell. Oh, and I hate reptil. They’re disgusting.
  • If you ask me what thing I’d like to do, my answer will be hundred or maybe million. I love watching movie, any kind of movie. Reading, writting, travelling ( I’ve travelled to many places). And others that I can’t mention one by one in order you’re gonna leave this page immediately.
  • I’ve been influenced by many things, and my writting reflects it. I’m 25 after all. I have the battle scars of left on a person who made bad choice, followed by good ones. Further, how does one begin to condense the impact of a reader/musician/intellectual girl who cooks incredible well with a hard-working, hard-charging mother who inspired me to learn to fly and desire equally hard men?  Throw in a career in technology that got me hopping around the world, sleepless nights but well-dressed days, all forgone now to playdates and pumpkin patches. Life influences me. People influence me.
  • I’ve been learning of variety activities since i was 9.  Swimming, Karate, English, Line of March, Writting, Internet, Social Networking, and nowadays learn Korean language are things that I have accomplished. I’m a quick-learner type. Maybe you can’t believe me if I say before I sleep, I always searching for all of information that interest me or issue which is made me curious and I have to find the answer before I die. This is a fact, the mighty search-engine ; google is my savior of this situation. Got knowledge by books and movie aren’t enough for me and to complete it, i need internet.
  • The general peculiarities friends tell me others want to know: Yes, I live in a place that sounds like ‘happy town’ in Indonesia altough the sadness has enveloped it twice but people still love to come. You can find me on some social networkings. All those search results for Yani Prabawati are in fact, me (well, with the exception of the Artist, haha lol) will be found in Twitter, Facebook, Tagged and Instagram. I’m tightest with my family, but bring in a new soulmate here and there. My cooking skills isn’t too good but I can cook some kinds of traditional food. And last but not least, but is the most important is being a good female in today’s society.

Beyond the above, if you really, truly want to get to know me, this blog pretty much covers the essentials, movie log lines and all. What I experience, I share, for as my dearest who remind me “you have no shame! Get some!” but then my ownself said “Be expressive! Be yourself”!

Hopefully I’ll cut a path right down the middle, I’ll only offend a few people and still remain healthy. Haha LOL.


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