[Feature] Here Are Some Drama OSTs Sung by Kyuhyun


One of Super Junior’s vocal lines, Kyuhyun, is not only famous for his achievement in musical performances and his wittiness as an MC, but also as a drama OST singer. The idol who was born on 1988 has released numerous OST songs from 13 dramas since 2006, which was also his debut year with Super Junior.

While some of the OSTs were sung in collaboration with either his fellow member in Super Junior KRY or other artists, Kyuhyun has shone with his unique soothing voice on some of his solo OST.

Smile (Hyena)
‘Smile’ is the song that was Kyuhyun’s solo OST debut. While he is famous for his soothing voice, in ‘Smile’ Kyuhyun showed off his husky and deep voice which is accompanied by bariton bass and piano, creating an unusual rich jazz arrangement for an singer.

Listen…To You (Pasta)
‘Listen…To You’ is a perfect OST for a…

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