141211 Zhoumi Weibo Update: Clarifications on the recent rumors

Clarifications on the recent rumors
11th December 2014 12:11
Hello, everyone. I am Zhoumi. After the incident happened, (I) have been really stressed for the continuous few days, and (I) have been hestitating whether or not (I should) write this clarification article, but this time(,) I am being said for not being patriotic, (and) defaming China’s image in a foreign country, discrediting (my) homeland, I really have to explain, to me(,) this is really an utmost hurt and defame, as a Chinese who is having activities in Korea, I have always been proud of being a Chinese, now that (this) incident has happened, no matter how (I) explain(,) everyone might still not believe, but here(,) I (would) still hope that through my own mouth, (I will be able to) explain the real situation at that point of time with regards to the rumor.

1: (The) program is a talk show(,)…

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