141106 [STARCAST] “It’s our 9th debut anniversary”… 9 questions we gave to SuperJunior

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▷ November, 6th, 2005
One male group has debuted. Their first stage was at SBS-TV ‘Popular Music’. More than 1 thousand fans crowded the broadcasting company in order to see the first recording. A little fan meeting was opened after the stage was over.▷ November, 11th, 2014
This group has their 9th debut anniversary. There were many changes. They swept the awards domestically. They also changed the history of Asian charts. No.1 of the most and the longest are all their records.
They appeared with the title of ‘Asian’s gateway’. Who are these guys that are not just ‘Junior’s?
“We’re SuperJunior!”
‘SuperJunior’ has their 9th debut anniversary. They have only 1 year left to the decade which the period makes the mountains and rivers change. They are still heading hard for their goal to the longest group.
How would have SuperJunior’s 9 years been? ‘STARCAST’ asked 9 questions to ‘SuperJunior’.

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