141026 Super Junior 7th Album Special Edition ‘This is Love’ Lyrics [English/Romanization]

Hit Me Up

English Translation:

It’s like you drew a line with a stick, there’s no place for me to step
You’re put together like a cube, you won’t give me any chances

A plan with a perfect fit, it’s clearly cracking now
On this long night, trapped by you
Dum Dumdi Dumdi Down Down Way Down

Babe, you shake me up
Our breaths collide and heartbeats get quicker
Eyes that stayed up all night pass each other and it burns up, fire fire

Hit me up, the rules have gone hazy in this stolen time, baby baby, trap me in a aze
Shake ya, you’ve taken over my head right now, you are flowing from my words and eyes
Hey Baboom Boom Hey Baboom Boom (And the drums they go)
Hey Baboom Boom Oh

Oh she is the winner, like the nights with the midnight sun that doesn’t set

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