[News] 140810 Jung Yunho and Kim Heung Soo Engage in a Fierce Sword Fight in “The Night Watchman” Stills

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TVXQ’s Jung Yunho and actor Kim Heung Soo will be making a strong first appearance through a fierce sword fight. Jung Yunho will be appearing as the charismatic Moo Suk and Kim Heung Soo will be appearing as Prince Ki San. As their eyes and their swords clash, a very tense atmosphere can be felt, raising the expectation even more.

Among the other Monday-Tuesday dramas, MBC’s “The Night Watchman” ranked first in viewer ratings starting from the first episode. The staff revealed the stills that contained a sword fight between Prince Ki San and Moo Suk.

Although the loyal, cold military officer, Moo Suk, and Prince Ki San have different social statuses, they’re good friends. Despite being good friends, it seems like the two characters aren’t about to let the other win. Moo Suk is filled with the sincerest eyes and is showing his loyalty as…

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