K-Pop & Latin America: The Brilliance of Super Junior’s ‘MAMACITA’ – From 140830


“MAMACITA” is the seventh album from the powerhouse K-Pop group Super Junior. The title track is heavily influenced by Spanish music and is supported by a Spaghetti Western music video which features cowboys, as well as bull fighters.

[youtube http://youtu.be/q_krT35dgDM]

In the video, Super Junior transform into modern day toreros. The choreography of “MAMACITA” incorporates moves from Flamenco, a form of dance and music from the southern region of Spain.

Within twelve hours of its release, the video for “MAMACITA” received close to 1.3 million views on YouTube.

Beyond the concept of the title song, “MAMACITA” demonstrates the awareness of SM Entertainment in regards to Super Junior’s growing Hispanic fanbase.

Super Junior toured Latin America in 2013, but did not make U.S. stops.

Super Junior is an interesting example of the global increase of interest in K-Pop. In 2013, Super Junior performed throughout South America, making stops for their Super Show 5…

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[News/Trans] 140830 TRF-Sam Talked about Tohoshinki, Who They are and How They are Behind Stages (Model Press Interview)

TVXQ! Express


[TRANS] Model Press Interview

TRF-Sam, the producer of Tohoshinki’s live stages, talked about Tohoshinki, who they are and how they are behind stages


Sam has actively working as a member of TRF, a dancer and a producer/director of live stages for many artists. He is preparing for a outdoor live, [a-nation] as a member of TRF that will be held on Aug 31st. In this interview, Sam talked about Tohoshinki in particular focusing on how they are/who they are behind stages – Sam has worked with them as their producer/director for their current activities and live stages.

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[OST/Lyrics/Support] Changmin for Mooseok’s theme song: Moo Seok’s love theme song “Because I’m Unable to Say The Words “I Love You””

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Changmin has fulfilled his previously revealed wish to support Yunho’s acting career and participate in the OST of his drama “The Night Watchman’s Journal”!!

He sang Yunho’s Mooseok theme song “Because I Am Unable to Say the Words “I Love You”, a song with sad melody which expresses the character’s painful one-sided love!


Listen to the song’s preview + you can digitally buy the song (Title: 사랑한다 그 말을 못해서) from here:



[trans] Lyrics for Moo Seok’s love theme song “Because I’m Unable to Say The Words “I Love You””, sung by Changmin for the OST of “Journal of Night Watchmen”

The tears keep flowing
Now I don’t even have the strength to wipe them away
Together with the traces of you
Seems like they will just be getting erased
Perhaps because I also dislike that
I cry once again

Because I’m unable to say the…

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140825 Official, Super Junior 7JIB #MAMACITA Teaser [Video]

140824 Official, Super Junior 7JIB #MAMACITA Teaser Photos [10P]

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                           140822 Official, Super Junior 7JIB ‘MAMACITA’ Teaser Photos [10P]

                     140823 Official, Super Junior 7JIB #MAMACITA Teaser Photos [10P]

Credit: superjunior.smtown.com
Reupload and Posted by: dreamhae (www.sup3rjunior.com)


140824 SJ MAMA1

140824 SJ MAMA2

140824 SJ MAMA3

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