Lee Je Hoon Discharged from Military Service

One of my favorite South Korean actor, Lee Je Hoon, who gained popularity since his appearance on lot s of movies will be discharge from military service today, Thursday, July 24th 2014. He didn’t appear much on K-drama, except Three Sisters and Fashion King along with the fellow actor Yoo Ah In and actress Shin Se Kyung also SNSD’s Kwon Yuri.

Lee Je-Hoon begun his military enlistment on October 25, 2012. Lee Je-Hoon has been trained for 5 weeks at a camp in Nonsan, South Korea and then serve as a conscripted police officer in a police promotional unit. In total, Lee Je-Hooon has served for 21 months.

Lee Je Hoon 2

Before his enlistment, he has wrapped up “My Paparotti” and now he’ll come back with a new drama called Secret Door. The exact date for the drama itself hasn’t been confirmed to be aired, but please keep looking forward to it.

For my readers, you should be noticed who he is exactly since I made a strong swordsman role for him on MBIAG fan fiction. For those who are still waiting for the second book of this series, please be patient, I’ll get back to you very soon since I decided to go on hiatus while Ramadhan.

Welcome back Lee Je Hoon..!

Lee Je Hoon 1

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