140704 SUJU’s Heechul Says He Ranked No.9 as Most Frequently Mentioned on Twitter

Super Junior’s Heechul boasted that he was 9th most frequently mentioned on Twitter.

During July 3’s broadcast of JTBC’s Ssulzun, Heechul revealed that he was 9th most frequently mentioned on Twitter and that the founder of Twitter, Evan Williams, knows his name.

Heechul said, “I’m also an avid user of SNS. I was ranked number 9 as the most frequently mentioned on Twitter several years ago. The founder of Twitter also mentioned my name during an interview, saying that he knows me. But I’m thinking of switching to a blog these days.”

Heo Ji Woong said to Heechul, “Twitter was really influential in the beginning but I heard that it is only one tenth as affective as Facebook in terms of promotions. Things have completely changed.”


Park Ji Yoon commented, “Married women have always used blogs. SNS is like a collection of humors and Kakao Story is a place…

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