[TRANS] 140527 TVXQ Yunho, To Appear In The Fusion Historical Drama “The Watchman’s Journal”…To Transform Into A Cool Pure-Hearted Man?


TVXQ’s Yunho has been casted in MBC’s new drama “The Watchman’s Journal”.

According to broadcast representatives on 27 May, Yunho was recently casted for this drama. The rolewhich he will be taking on is a handsome male with a calm and blunt personality. He is very popular among women, but is a pure-hearted guy who only has eyes for one woman.

Jung Il Woo has also been casted in this drama. He will be taking on the role of a delinquent prince, Lee Rin, who has the ability to see ghosts.

“The Watchman’s Journal” is expected to be an appealing fusion historical drama, featuring handsome actors including Jung Il Woo and Yunho, and will depict the story of “watchmen” in the Joseon dynasty who patrol and catch spirits.

“The Watchman’s Journal” is expected to have its first broadcast in July, following the drama “Triangle”.

Source: [OSEN via kstyle]

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