140419 Super Junior M’s Henry Reminds Super Junior’s Kangin About His Time In The Army

140419 Super Junior M's Henry Reminds Super Junior's Kangin About His Time In The Army

Super Junior M’s Henry showed off his MCing skills when he turned the mic on MC Kangin.  Kangin was at a loss when Henry started ordering him about.

Henry is currently appearing on Real Men, a show where Henry and several other men see what it’s like doing army service. Kangin has completed his military service, so when Henry started ordering him about he was reminded of his past.

Super Junior M discussed their new song ‘Swing’ in an interview on Show Champion on MBC Music, with Super Junior’s Kangin as their MC. The atmosphere was light-hearted, considering that they had all worked together for several years.

Since ‘Swing’ is about getting rid of stress, Kangin asked the members how they each individually get rid of stress. Eunhyuk threw Henry under the bus, saying that he had a lot of stress lately due to his many schedules.

At first, Henry didn’t give a substantial answer, and…

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