[News] 140414 “Three Days” gets more praises for being different from typical Korean dramas

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“Three Days”, a drama starring JYJ’s Yoochun’s has been getting more praises as it is half way through unraveling its stories. The drama has become one of the most viewed dramas, as shown by its high ratings recently. Moreover, this drama has also been viewed as being different from other Korean dramas.

What makes “Three Days” different is the fact that it does not rely too much on stretched plot developments, which we often see in most Korean dramas, despite not having stories that is worth intensifying.

Secondly, the drama is not aired in an excessive duration of time. It has been made as tight as possible into a 60 minute drama, which starts later than other dramas and ends earlier. The drama also uses a new editing style for its rerun by editing the weekend episodes into a 120 minute movie and increasing its quality.

Lastly, the drama also…

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