140406 SuperJunior-M ‘Swing’, No. 1 in consecutive two weeks in Chinese music ranking program in China


SuperJunior-M presented their remarkable performance by winning No. 1 place in consecutive two weeks in Chinese CCTV music program.

With their new music, ‘SWING’, SuperJunior-M ranked No. 1 in CCTV ‘Global Chinese Music BangSangBang’ which was aired across the nation in April 5 at 7:30 pm (local time).

In last month 29, the group also ranked No. 1 for the first time in China and it also won the first place for two consecutive weeks, confirming their popularity and global status in China.

The ranking system of Chinese music program ‘Global Chinese Music BangSangBang’ is determined by ARS voting from Monday to Friday, onlive voting, and previous music cite score, mobile phone voting, and QR code voting and so on, and the live broadcasting voting on the day. SuperJunior-M won the first place in last time, but could not receive the award in person due to the participation in MBC…

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