140323 China was possessed by SuperJunior-M! Fierce reaction of the press conference + comeback stage!!

Compilation: 140322 SUPER JUNIOR – M ‘SWING’ Press Conference, Beijing (China)


SuperJunior unit SuperJunior-M with its new mini album ‘SWING’ has successfully completed its comeback press conference.

In the press conference celebrating its 3rd mini album ‘SWING’ held in theater located in CBD(Central Business District) of Beijing, China, about 70 media and 150 reporters gathered to shoot SuperJunior, representing high interest toward the group.

Through the previous event, 400 local fans were invited and the place was full of fans, representing their popularity.

In the conference, SuperJunior-M talked their comeback thoughts, future plans, and introduced new album, as well as released it new title song’s music video, receiving explosive reaction from the local fans and media. The conference was aired live through the Chinese online moving picture cite and the cite was hard to get connected as more than million fans try to access at the same time.

Along with it…

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