140312 Heechul Instagram and Twitter Update: I should bath heebum

I think so Heenim :p

3rd Album Waiting, Still Kyuhyun

@HeeZZinPang: I went to a tea house and there seemed to be a thousand types of tea. I got reminded of Choi Hwangjung noona’s words, I didn’t even apply skin lotion and went out and my skin totally stretched out. Ah! Should I apply skin lotion?..kkkk I should bath heebum http://instagram.com/p/lbVU04I-Re/

heechul (1)

Source:우주대스타 ‏@HeeZZinPang 
Translation by:SJ-Empire ‏@SJ_empire
Shared at sup3rjunior.com Hyukjaeabss


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