Please Inform Us

Dear readers,

The novel of Villain had been sent on Wednesday morning by JNE, from Purwokerto to your addresses. I’ve heard that some of you have got the novel already in past 2 days. For those who haven’t got it yet, please be patient, we’ll check the status and will inform you very soon.

For the readers who got the book already, please let us know if there’s a damage such as double pages, missing pages, irregular pages or else. And please send me your comment about the whole story so I’ll put it on the ‘comment pages’ in the second (sequel) book.

For the great news, the sequel is on progress right now and I predict it will be done later than 2-3 months. So please show your enthusiasm and keep looking forward to it.

Thank you so much for the attention guys.. Thank you for buying my book.. Love ya!