140331 Sandara Park Twitter Update: meeting with my bosom friend of 10 years

meeting with my bosom friend of 10 years(,) Donghae(,) after a really long time~!!! It was really nice to see you~ i will anticipate for good performances in the future too! Fighting ^.^ @/donghae861015 http://t.co/YglvMwbHMt

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[News] 140327 Henry reveals the ‘American ways’ he greeted TVXQ and Lee Soo Man

fashion follows yoochun

On this week’s ‘Happy Together 3,’ Henry shared the funny ways in which he greeted both TVXQ and Lee Soo Man when he first met them.

Rather than simply stating the incidents, Henry showed the others, explaining that he had just arrived from Canada at the time.  In what he called the ‘American style,’ he said, “Hey what’s up, man?” to TVXQ while doing that little nod in which he lifts up his chin.  He also hit them casually on the shoulders.

When he met Lee Soo Man, Henry said to him, “Hey, Mr. Lee,” and shook his hand nonchalantly.  He even asked, “Can I get your name card?”  In response, Lee Soo Man lightheartedly laughed and left.

This just proves that Henry is gold when it comes to variety shows with his funny and clueless mannerisms, don’t you think?


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[News] 140327 Duo TVXQ Ranks First And Second On Japan Oricon Charts With Drama Roles

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Group TVXQ has topped the Japan Oricon charts with dramas this time.

On March 27, Oricon revealed that TVXQ members Changmin and Yunho had topped the Oricon charts with their special DVDs from their dramas that they have featured in

Changmin was seen at number 1 on the Oricon chart with his drama, “Mimi” special preview DVD and Yunho was seen at number 2 with his premium making DVD for his drama role in, “Queen Of Ambition.”

Their new album, TREE, was also seen at number 1 on the Oricon Weekly Album chart, selling 225,000 copies in the first week.

This is their 4th Oricon weekly album chart win, making it a new record for a K-Pop artist on the Oricon chart.

They have also topped the Oricon single chart 12 times as well, making them with the highest record for a foreign artist.

On the other hand, they will…

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140315 Heechul Twitter and Instagram Update: Heebum-ee seems to be falling asleep

@HeeZZinPang: Heebum-ee seems to be falling asleep since I`m patting his butt kk but anyways, what`s the lyrics of the lullaby? Is it at 10 today, Idol True Colors? http://t.co/ha16Y6eQQQ

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