[TRANS] 140123 [Star Interview] 10th Anniversary TVXQ… Making Their Most Charming Comeback Yet



They were called “Singers who would satisfy R&B fans of Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars,” by Billboard. Attracting 850,000 people to their Japanese tour last year, they broke new records as Korean singers in Japan. Stars with more fans than Elvis Presley. The people who ‘break records’ and ‘make history’ every step they take are none other than TVXQ (U-Know Yunho, Max Changmin).

Celebrating their 10th anniversary, TVXQ recently released their 7th album . And they are unbeatable. Their title track dominated various digital music charts on sites like Olleh, Bugs and Genie. Other tracks like , , and also ranked high on the charts. They even scored a grand slam, dominated the four major music shows of Mnet’s <m! countdown=””>, KBS’ , MBC’s and SBS’ .

U-Know Yunho said, “10 years actually don’t feel like such a long period of time,” and “We wanted to show people everything we…

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