[Trans] 140114 Max Changmin’s Interview 1 “I’m Happy To Be Focusing More On Having Fun Than Looking Good”

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Max Changmin revealed that he is especially fond of TVXQ’s latest album.

Since TVXQ released their 7th album ‘Tense’ on the 6th, they have been busy promoting their title track ‘Something’. Meeting with Max Changmin in a waiting room for a music program recently, he looked happy as he said, “I’m enjoying actively promoting a song for the first time in a while.”

Max Changmin said, “For our latest album, everything went so well without a single bump, even from the earliest preparation processes. That’s why, regardless of whether we come in at first place or not, we’re feeling really satisfied with our work. We’re all having fun and feeling great.”


‘Something’ is a completely different from TVXQ’s previous songs like ‘Keep Your Head Down’ and ‘Catch Me’. Max Changmin expressed his satisfaction for the transformation as he said, “It’s a song I really like personally. I love the…

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