The Novel (MBIAG)

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Aku cuma mau ngingetin soal batas akhir pemesan novel MBIAG yang jatuh pada hari sabtu, 1 february 2014. Jadi, yang belum pesan dan mau pesan, masih bisa kok. Hubungi saja aku untuk detail cara pemesanan berikut cara pembayarannya.

Untuk yang sudah order, terima kasih, tanggal 1 nanti akan aku hubungi mengenai nomor rekening pembayaran. Harap ingat, batas akhir pembayaran tanggal 5 february 2014. Setelah itu novel akan dicetak dan dikirim ke alamat kalian masing-masing.

For any qustions, please let me know. Thank you guys..

140127 Heechul Twitter and Instagram Update: Myeongdong’s Heestory has opened once again.

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Myeongdong’s Heestory has opened once again. Of course I’ll have to take care of my one and only noonaㅡㅡ^ there are a lot of nice food here so utilize it a lot. I hope that there will no longer be a situation where the restaurant below catches fire again.. I wanna come here once with Anna….


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[Trans] 140122 Sohn Ho Joon Says, “U-Know Yunho Is A Friend Who Was Like A Dad To Me” (Beatles Code)

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Sohn Ho Joon opened up about his friendship with U-Know Yunho.

Lee Sang Min, Chae Lina, Sohn Ho Joon, Tiny G’s Dohee and J.Min appeared on the ‘Replay 1994′ special of Mnet’s ‘Beatles Code 3D’ on the 21st to share a few things about themselves.

On this day, Sohn Ho Joon said, “U-Know Yunho suggested that we change the last four digits of our phone numbers so that they matched,” and “We’ve been close friends for a long time.”

He expressed his gratitude to the idol star as he said, “When I came up to Seoul, U-Know Yunho had already made his debut as a member of TVXQ. He took care of me like a dad, and I’m grateful for that.”

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