SM, YG dan JYP Siap Perang ‘Rookie’ di 2014!

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“The Big Three”siap berperang di tahun 2014!

2014 akan segar dengan munculnya wajah-wajah baru dari  SM, YG dan JYP. Ketiga agensi besar tersebut akan mendebutkan grup baru tahun depan. Ini akan menjadi pertama kalinya ketiga agensi ini mendebutkan grup baru di tahun yang sama. Siapakah grup yang akan debut tahun depan? yuk kita bahas satu persatu!

YG Entertainment:

Dari ketiga agensi, YG Entertainment terlihat yang paling siap dan terbuka mengenai grup barunya. Seperti yang sudah diketahui banyak orang, YG akan mendebutkan grup jebolan reality show “WIN: Who Is Next?” yang bernama WINNER. WINNER adalah grup pria yang berhasil melewati masa-masa sulit trainee, memperlihatkan kemampuan mereka dan mengalahkan tim lawan di reality show ini. Grup yang terdiri dari lima anggota ini yaitu Kang Seung Yoon, Lee Seung Hoon, Song Min Ho, Nam Tae Hyun dan Kim Jin Woo diprediksi akan mengguncang industri K-Pop di pertengahan tahun 2014.


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Boring to The Max

Don’t know what to do or even what to post. I supposed to post Heart Without a Home chapter 4 today but due to my broken laptop which is in the repairement store until next week, all of the fanfiction can’t be updated.

Hopefully I’ll be able to post any fics very soon after the problem fix. But it doesn’t mean I can’t post anything though. I’m in the middle of writing down (or typing exactly) the new oneshot to fill this stupid-boring-time ever using my note so it’s clearly said that please keep looking forward to it hence I know this one would be the most surprises, your favorite pairing show up!

For the unrevealed request will be posted very soon, so please keep waiting. It takes time but once I promise you, I’ll reveal it.

Sorry for  murmuring non sense this much in conjuction of the lonely time without the red-square-laptop with me. It feels like untaken. Even my boyfriend can’t make ne feel better (don’t tell u-know what I’ve meant to).

Last but not least. I drew something bad. I’ve to apologize on his master for making him looks that bad due to my amateur drawing skill.


PS : this is my original hand-drawing. I know it’s poor but I felt much better after drew it. Sorry Kevin.. *singing underwear song with the other minions*

131219 “Radio Star” Kyuhyun: “From Now On, I’m Going to Obsess Over HyunA”

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131219 Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Wants to Do a Duet with 4minute’s Hyuna

OFFICIAL, MBC Radio Star with Kyuhyun [Cuts] – From 131218


“Radio Star” Kyuhyun recently suggested to HyunA that they do a duet together.

The December 18 episode of MBC’s “Radio Star” was a special about ‘obsessive guys,’ and on the episode, Kyuhyun said, “You say I obsess over non-celebrities? From now on, I’m going to obsess over celebrities. HyunA, instead of Hyunseung, how bout a duet with me?” and he did a little dance. Kyuhyun had gotten a reputation for only liking to date and flirt with non-celebrities from a previous episode of “Radio Star,” and alluded to this in this latest episode.

However, his fellow hosts shot down his hopes, saying, “compared to Hyunseung, your dancing is dull. It’s like a non-celebrity is imitating Hyunseung,” making the studio erupt with laughter.

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131215 Why Does Kim Hee Chul Call Son Dam Bi ‘His Girl’? “Because I Have No Feelings For Her”

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Super Junior’s memberKim Heechul and singer Son Dam Bishowed off their friendship.

In KBS2 entertainment program “The Human Condition” aired today, group 2PM’s Taecyeonand Super Junior’s Kim Heechul came out as guests.

While driving in a car, Kim Heechul was asked, “Aren’t you close to Son Dam Bi?” and was asked to call her.

After talking on the phone, Kim Heechul said, “If I call someone ‘my girl,’ that means I don’t have feelings for that person in a romantic way,” revealing that it’s a nickname he gives to people he’s close to.

Source: KBS & KpopStarz
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Readers, Please Read This!

Dear My Beloved Readers,

Aryadhanie speaking here. Ada beberapa hal yang cukup mengganggu dan bikin aku ngerasa harus lagi-lagi mengeluarkan sedikit unek-unek yang sekian lama disimpan.

1. Author kalian ini punya pekerjaan lain selain nulis ff. Dan pekerjaan itu primer, ff dan wp itu sekunder. So please kalau minta PASSWORD dan belum di bales, TOLONG BERSABAR. Cepat atau lambat semua email, mention atau DM di twitter akan dibalas. Cobalah bersabar kalau belum dibalas, kali aja aku emang lagi sibuk berat jadi gak bisa bales pesan kalian dulu. Boleh kok gak ngirim berkali-kali pesan kalian. Ini udah lebih dari 5 orang seperti ini makanya aku kudu ngomong.

2. WP itu punya sistem ‘search comment’ dengan ‘username’ yah, jadi sebelum memberikan password, aku pasti akan ngecek dulu. Ini yang memudahkan kalau ada reader yang komennya belum lengkap. Sekali lagi tolong jangan minta ‘dispensasi’ karena kurang komen di 1 chapter karena aku bersikap adil kepada semua reader terutama yang udah dari dulu ngikutin WP  ini dan selalu komen di setiap chapternya.

3. Mengacu kepada poin nomor 2, akan ketahuan siapa yang gak komen di chapter berapa atau di cerita yang mana. So, yang merasa udah dapat password ‘NOW AND THEN CH.7’ dan belum ninggalin jejak, silahkan lakukan kewajiban anda atau akan masuk black list. I’m serious!! Aku masih ingat dengan baik siapa saja yang udah komen siapa yang belum.

4. Sekali lagi untuk ff MY BOYFRIEND IS A GANGSTER tidak akan dibuka lagi sampai batas waktu yang tidak ditentukan. Jadi clue untuk bisa ngikutin sekuelnya nanti hanya mengacu kepada side story-nya saja. Sorry to say but the plagiarism made me pissed since 3 of my ff were stolen and published on ffn.

5. Semua request sebelumnya akan direalisasikan dalam bulan ini. Ditunggu yah.. Dan akan ada 1 kuis dimana aku minta kesediaan readers untuk berpartisipasi. Untuk yang nunggu Challenge Me 2, sabar-sabar yah.. 🙂

Thank you for the cooperation guys.. Happy weekend..

Confessions of a Teenager

1. The bad fact is when I love you but you love her. Meanwhile she loves him and he loves me. And we stuck forever in this painful circle and no one among us even try to getaway.

2. Have you ever love someone who can’t be love? I do.

3. Have been trying so damn hard to reach you but I can’t even touch the edge your senses. How can I stay still while my heart keeps screaming ‘I want you in every hearbeat?’

4. I’m busy to observe you but you’re busy to get her to pay attention to you vice versa. What a pity life!

5. Me :  I hate school, I hate math, I hate homeworks. Can I just chill out with internet connected to my laptop on my lap while my ears are listening an up to date great song and my teeth are busy chewing the best chocolate or any damn snack I get for free?
Mom : Get out of the house!!!

6. Why I can’t get any hot boy out there and stuck with my annoying boyfriend instead? Oopppsss.. I hope Zayn Malik doesn’t hear what I said earlier XD

7. Adam Levine : Don’t grow up, it’s a trap!
Me : But if I insist to be a teenager for the entire life, you’ll never realize that I’m exist and have a bloody hot figure!!!

8. Stroking the hair while walking through the basketball field which occupied by bunch of handsome boys. Yeah, I did that in my school, so? Disagree? Get a lawyer because I’m gonna sue you!

9. Trying to be focus in the class but the mind is full of the thoughts why the crush wore those unsuit socks today.

10. Fight to best friend for a misunderstanding lil’ things, cursing each other and swore never ever talk to whatever it takes. But crying together in a deeply warm embrace after that.

I was boring so I wrote those. That’s not my own experiences but when I observed some of teenage habit, I found these..

Happy friday everyone.. Hey, it’s almost weekend XD