Boring to The Max

Don’t know what to do or even what to post. I supposed to post Heart Without a Home chapter 4 today but due to my broken laptop which is in the repairement store until next week, all of the fanfiction can’t be updated.

Hopefully I’ll be able to post any fics very soon after the problem fix. But it doesn’t mean I can’t post anything though. I’m in the middle of writing down (or typing exactly) the new oneshot to fill this stupid-boring-time ever using my note so it’s clearly said that please keep looking forward to it hence I know this one would be the most surprises, your favorite pairing show up!

For the unrevealed request will be posted very soon, so please keep waiting. It takes time but once I promise you, I’ll reveal it.

Sorry for  murmuring non sense this much in conjuction of the lonely time without the red-square-laptop with me. It feels like untaken. Even my boyfriend can’t make ne feel better (don’t tell u-know what I’ve meant to).

Last but not least. I drew something bad. I’ve to apologize on his master for making him looks that bad due to my amateur drawing skill.


PS : this is my original hand-drawing. I know it’s poor but I felt much better after drew it. Sorry Kevin.. *singing underwear song with the other minions*

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