131219 “Radio Star” Kyuhyun: “From Now On, I’m Going to Obsess Over HyunA”

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131219 Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Wants to Do a Duet with 4minute’s Hyuna

OFFICIAL, MBC Radio Star with Kyuhyun [Cuts] – From 131218


“Radio Star” Kyuhyun recently suggested to HyunA that they do a duet together.

The December 18 episode of MBC’s “Radio Star” was a special about ‘obsessive guys,’ and on the episode, Kyuhyun said, “You say I obsess over non-celebrities? From now on, I’m going to obsess over celebrities. HyunA, instead of Hyunseung, how bout a duet with me?” and he did a little dance. Kyuhyun had gotten a reputation for only liking to date and flirt with non-celebrities from a previous episode of “Radio Star,” and alluded to this in this latest episode.

However, his fellow hosts shot down his hopes, saying, “compared to Hyunseung, your dancing is dull. It’s like a non-celebrity is imitating Hyunseung,” making the studio erupt with laughter.

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