Confessions of a Teenager

1. The bad fact is when I love you but you love her. Meanwhile she loves him and he loves me. And we stuck forever in this painful circle and no one among us even try to getaway.

2. Have you ever love someone who can’t be love? I do.

3. Have been trying so damn hard to reach you but I can’t even touch the edge your senses. How can I stay still while my heart keeps screaming ‘I want you in every hearbeat?’

4. I’m busy to observe you but you’re busy to get her to pay attention to you vice versa. What a pity life!

5. Me :  I hate school, I hate math, I hate homeworks. Can I just chill out with internet connected to my laptop on my lap while my ears are listening an up to date great song and my teeth are busy chewing the best chocolate or any damn snack I get for free?
Mom : Get out of the house!!!

6. Why I can’t get any hot boy out there and stuck with my annoying boyfriend instead? Oopppsss.. I hope Zayn Malik doesn’t hear what I said earlier XD

7. Adam Levine : Don’t grow up, it’s a trap!
Me : But if I insist to be a teenager for the entire life, you’ll never realize that I’m exist and have a bloody hot figure!!!

8. Stroking the hair while walking through the basketball field which occupied by bunch of handsome boys. Yeah, I did that in my school, so? Disagree? Get a lawyer because I’m gonna sue you!

9. Trying to be focus in the class but the mind is full of the thoughts why the crush wore those unsuit socks today.

10. Fight to best friend for a misunderstanding lil’ things, cursing each other and swore never ever talk to whatever it takes. But crying together in a deeply warm embrace after that.

I was boring so I wrote those. That’s not my own experiences but when I observed some of teenage habit, I found these..

Happy friday everyone.. Hey, it’s almost weekend XD