My Personal Opinion About Friend

I’ve heard more than 1000 times about words, quotes, poetries, songs or books about friendship. There are so many definitions of friendship but for me, friend only can be mentioned to the good ones or the bad ones.

A friend eventually is a person who’s gonna stand beside you in any situations no matter what despite the whole world are united ignoring you. They always be there without you asking. Never leave you, understand you when you can’t clearly understand yourself and forgive you even before you forgive yourself.

A friend never betray you. Because once they do, it means they hurt themselves. Friend is a person we talk to about anything. So if they betray you, means they betray themselves.

A Friend never ask something in return. They’re giving anything sincerely without think twice. They’re gonna defend you, taking care of you and treat you like a family.

And good friend will never ever leave their friend behind in any troubles they were made together to keep safe their necks. They’re standing and falling together with you like a soldier in a battlefield.

They’ll come to you everytime, not only when a trouble comes or they need someone to give them any advices. If you have ones such like this, leave them. You don’t need people like them who keep thinking about themselves and placing you as a must-good listener whenever you asked to.

We called this a true friend. And the relationship between friends will be immortal..

Agree or disagree, leave your thoughts below..