[Info] 130910 The Music: EXCLUSIVE Interview with Duane Adler of “Make Your Move 3D”


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Duane On Set – (Left to Right) Will Yun Lee, Jefferson Brown, Rich Ting, and Derek Hough

Below is Part III of a 4-part interview with Duane Adler, the screenwriter and director of Make Your Move 3D.

If you missed Parts I and II, you will definitely want to catch up here and here. Enjoy Part III below. :-)

Part III – The Music

Make Your Move Fans: The casting of Yunho in a cameo role has created quite a sensation. How did you decide to include him in the film?

Yunho Rehearsing in Korea

Duane: I’ll be honest, the casting of Yunho was our partner SM Entertainment’s idea! They first suggested he do a cameo because he’s such an amazing dancer and performer, and they knew he would attract attention to the movie in parts of Asia. I had been to the SM Town concert at the…

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