[Trans] 130912 U-Know Yunho And Sulli’s Past, Flawless And Stunning Visuals, “They Haven’t Changed At All”

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A photo of TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and f(x)’s Sulli’s past has been released.

A post was made on an online community thread with the title ‘U-Know Yunho and Sulli 7 Years Ago].

The photo that is included in the post is from SM Entertainment’s 10th Anniversary party in 2006 and shows Lee Soo Man joined by Kangta, U-Know Yunho and Sulli.

Sulli, who was fifteen years old at the end, is blowing out the candles on a cake with a bright smile on his face while Kangta and U-Know Yunho are standing behind him and looking happy. Sulli has proved that she hasn’t changed with her porcelain-white skin and cute beauty.

Netizens who saw U-Know Yunho and Sulli’s photo left comments such as, “U-Know Yunho and Sulli’s pasts have no flaws”, “Sulli’s grown so much”, “U-Know Yunho and Sulli look great in this photo”, “Sulli is so cute and pretty”…

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