130830 Heechul Instagram Update : I’m Kim bipolar

Sup3rJunior’s Super Show 5 in Malaysia Project Donation

Compilation: 130830 Heenim Discharge From Army #WelcomeBackHeenim

Ah. It’s too bothersome to upload 100. I’m Kim bipolar instagram.com/p/doTBHBo-WW/ 

I was dochwal*-ed.. But why does this (instagram) only have ‘Like’? It doesn’t have things like ‘It’s saddening’ ‘It’s cool’

*Taking picture secretly/ in this case, it was his friend( or whoever?) that took it secretly

the truth behind the picture below http://instagram.com/p/doUcGHo-Xe/ 

My friend Gunhee eating Jajangmyeon. I don’t have pictures to uploadㅡㅡ http://instagram.com/p/doVeQlo-Yi/ 

I ran out of pictures. (Saying that I will upload) 100 pictures was a lie. You can curse at me. I’m going to delete my account now ^-^

Pic caption trans: Of course it’s a lie. If you believed it, you are a gollum

Let’s learn how to golf. Who is with who? http://instagram.com/p/doY75GI-bD/ 

“Taenggu-ya, why doesn’t this have ‘It’s Saddening’ like Kakao Story?”

Gunhee that was sleeping…

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