[Trans] 130818 TVXQ Captivate Yokohama… The ‘Reignition’ of K-pop’s Hallyu Craze In Japan

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140,000 people flock to the Nissan Stadium
A live screening in 38 movie theaters across Japan

“I became a fan of TVXQ 3~4 years ago and have been attending their concerts since then. My mother is a fan as well, so I came to tonight’s concert with her. I really like Yunho and Changmin because they are so charming.” (Fumiya Gato, 23)

“I’ve been a fan of TVXQ for a long time. When I listen to their songs, I feel better, like I’m being filled with energy and life. Our family of four, including my daughter, are here for tonight’s concert. I like U-Know Yunho just a little more than Max Changmin, and it’s because he’s so ‘hardworking’, a trait that people in my generation favor in people.” (Eiko Gamiyauchi, 66)

TVXQ will be rewriting the history of K-pop on the 17th and 18th at the Nissan Stadium in Yokohama…

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