[Trans] 130722 [Message From U-Know Yunho] Hello, This Is U-Know Yunho. ^^

Take care ❤

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Hello~ This is U-Know Yunho.
Cassiopeia, I hope you are all doing well~?^^
I was out on a break today and decided to go to Gangwon Province to see a friend off as he returns to his unit in the army~
But I heard that you guys were all so worried about me, so I decided to write a post to assure you of my condition and thank all the fans who came to our Shanghai concert..

Because I wanted to create a better performance for all of our loving fans at the concert, I put all my efforts into preparing, rehearsing and exercising before the event. My muscles cramped up and I ended up making you all worry, which makes my heart ache so much when I think about it..

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