[Trans] U-Know Yunho HIGH CUT Interview – The True Colors Of Yunho

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Jung Yunho appeared on set exactly on time. “My taste is like that of a child’s, so I prefer juice over coffee.” Drinking grape juice from a straw, he began talking about TVXQ’s Japanese tour. Considering the fact that he had just returned to Korea yesterday, he was in great condition. He passionately dove into the photoshoot with various poses and expressions, though the concept was a little awkward with scarves and a muffler. “Let’s eat before continuing on. We all need to eat to survive~”. When the food that we ordered arrived, Yunho called each staff member over and made sure everyone had something to eat. He began to doze off as he sat on a sofa while the camera lighting was being changed during the photoshoot. The last shot was taken quickly as he was woozy from the lack of sleep. Though he  tried not to show it on…

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