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130506 Yesung enlists quietly as promised

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Compilation: Yesung’s Enlistment May 2013

As he had recently promised, Super Junior‘s Yesung enlisted quietly as possible.

SM Entertainment had announced, “His military training area is far away, and he wants to enlist quietly. The Super Junior members will not be accompanying him this time.

Even though he enlisted quietly, hundred of fans from Korea and overseas gathered in front of his enlistment site.

As he wished for a quiet enlistment, Yesung didn’t exit his car and drove straight into the reserve enlistment site. He did tweet, “Thank you for coming so far.. I told you not to come.. Everyone, be healthy. See you again, ELF ^^”. Even though numerous media outlets stood in front of the driveway, they were unable to snap a photo of him.

Image: Osen

Source: allkpop
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