130203 SuJu’s Kyuhyun posing happily with his birthday cake!

Happy birthday Kyu..

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 photo kyubirthdaytwitter_zpsa611a6ae.jpg

Super Junior’s maknae (youngest) is celebrating his 26th birthday today, February 3.
Fans sent him messages and gifts from all over the world. He also updated his twitter and wrote,

“Forgot to upload the picture I took at “Kyuhyun Birthday Eve”, which was yesterday +_+”

In the photo, he is holding a cute birthday cake with greetings written as ‘Kyuhyun-ah Happy Birthday!’.

Happy Birthday! Fans are trending hashtags on twitter #GaemGyuDay #조규현생일축하해요

Source: @GaemGyu and dkpopnews.net 

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun receives a gigantic birthday cake

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun revealed a birthday cake he received from his fans.

On February 3, the singer tweeted a photo and commented “I didn’t upload this last night because I forgot it was Kyuhyun’s birthday eve yesterday.”

In the picture, Kyuhyun is making a big smile before his performance…

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