UPDATED tutorial from Feb 3, 2014

Go to this link

Just follow this one pic ^^ Ignore the 2 at the side ~


After this, you’ll get some page that you can ignore by just going to the address bar and entering in “” – There you can start following people on weibo.

edit: You should get a confirmation email. You shouldn’t need to confirm your account with a mobile number / via text. 


To follow people on weibo, you can search for their username or get linked to their profile.

If you want to just search their username, at the top you will have this:

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 11.37.38 PM

Just enter in their usernames like “SUPERJUNIOR” ^^

You click on +加关注 to follow people on weibo ^^

Links to Super Junior’s weibos

Super Junior’s official weibo

Donghae’s weibo

Eunhyuk’s weibo

Siwon’s weibo

Heechul’s weibo

Shindong’s weibo

Kyuhyun’s weibo

Kibum’s weibo


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