[Trans] 130111 [Interview] TVXQ l Yunho “We Had No Choice But To Throw A Fast Ball Again”

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TVXQ is a group that everyone knows. But could anyone actually say that they really know who they are? Having made their debut in 2004, they have been around for 9 years. They have elicited crazed enthusiasm, been through so much and have stepped foot on a new beginning. And, TVXQ’s new album ‘Catch Me’ is a direction that defines the TVXQ we see today. They introduced us to Choikang Changmin and U-Know Yunho’s TVXQ in their last album ‘Why (Keep Your Head Down)’, and the two people are now forming their identity with ‘Catch Me’. The energetic and grand pictures that they have formed on stage with their music from the very beginning enable us to imagine the future of this 9-year-old group. So we want to ask them, what is it like to start a new beginning and shape a new dream for a team that’s been at…

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