All of The Last Chapter of fanfictions in This Blog Have Been Protected..!

Anneyong readers..

I’m so sorry about the tittle, but I have to do that. The reason is absolutely to avoid the silent readers. I apreciate all of your time, comments, ideas, and suggestion even the requests I’ve gotten by email. I tried my best to produce something good for my beloved readers. But some of them didin’t show the appreciation to make this blog better. Once again I say, comments are important for author. It gave us ideas, critical and sugsestion no matter what, to build and elaborate this blog with the content as well.

So, all of the last chapter I protected, you can get the password by my pages. I show all the details there. Each story has different password. Only ‘speak out’ readers will get the password. For the silent reader who never commented before will have nothing. This action is intend to avoid the indelicate readers too who reposted my story without asking me first. I’d like if you repost mine, thats mean it’s good and you like itu or thought that the story can influence anyone else. I won’t mind if you do that, as long as you TELL ME FIRST.  I’m so sorry about this but I dont have any choice.

Thank you for understanding.