TVXQ shares a handwritten letter for fans to celebrate their 9th anniversary

tvxq 9th milkyway007

Already nine years with TVXQ!

To celebrate their 9th anniversary, U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin share their handwritten for their fans. This letter has been posted on TVXQ Official Website. The stars wrote,

to. Cassiopeia~

Wow”~ Finally~ It’s 9th Anniversary~(music notes)
Maybe it is the day after Christmas.. I feel like it’s more meaningful~^^*
This~ memory~ that we keep together Let’s be together even in future~*^ㅂ^*
-We are~T- Always~ Thank you and I feel gratitude for you… And~ Love you♥…

tvxq yunho letter milkyway007

It have been 9 years, already ^o^(singing)
I’m always thankful to everyone…^^ -Changmin-
Let’s keep protecting each other and being happy! ♥

tvxq changmin letter milkyway007


Source : TVXQ Official Website

Source trans : Cassindofficial

Credit :

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